Monday, Sept. 4

13:00 Registration Lobby of Living Area

18:30 Opening Ceremony Ambassador Hotel

Dance Performance

Opening Address by Chairperson

Introduction of International Delegates

19:00 Welcome Dinner

Address by Minister of Interior Ms. Chang Po-Ya

19:30 Taiwan Cultural Night

20:30 Return to Chien Tan Activity Center

21:30 Steering Committee Classroom Area No.312


Tuesday, Sept. 5

07:30 Breakfast Dining Room

09:00 Plenary Session 2nd Fl. Auditorium

Opening Address

Address by Vice President of Taiwan Ms. Annette Lu


09:30 Keynote Address

New Century New Women Lee Yuan-chen

(The Founder of Awakening Foundation)

10:10 Sub-theme

Women and e-Era Ms. Yukika Matsumoto

(Coordinator, JCA-NET Women's Program)

10:40 Break

11:00 Country and Regional Presentations

12:30 Lunch Dining Room

13:30 Workshop (1st day)

Women and Development Basement Ball Room

Women and Human Rights 2nd Fl. Auditorium

Women in Power and Decision Making Classroom Area No.332

Women and Domestic Violence Classroom Area No.334

15:30 Break

16:00 Workshop (1st day)(Continued)

17:30 Dinner Dining Room

19:00 International Culture Night 2nd Fl. Auditorium

20:30 Steering Committee Classroom Area No.312


Wednesday, Sept. 6

07:30 Breakfast Dining Room

09:00 Sub-theme 2nd Fl. Auditorium

Women and Employment Dr. Heisoo Shin

(President, Korea Women's Hot Line)

Women and Human Right Ms. Ping Lu


10:00 Break

10:30 Workshop (2nd day)

Women and Education 2nd Fl. Auditorium

Women and Health Classroom Area No.332

Women and Culture Classroom Area No.228

Women and the Environment Classroom Area No.325

Youth Forum Classroom Area No.334

12:30 Lunch Dining Room

14:00 Workshop (2nd day) (Continued)

16:00 Break

16:30 Taiwan Womens Org. presentation 2nd Fl. Auditorium

17:30 Dinner Dining Room

18:30 Taipei Experience

1. Tamshu

2. Lungshan Temple

3. Hsintien

4. 1st Eastern Taipei

5. 2nd Eastern Taipei

21:30 Steering Committee Classroom Area No.312


Thursday, Sept. 7

07:30 Breakfast Dining Room

09:00 PlenaryOutcome of the Workshops 2nd Fl. Auditorium

Recommendation and Resolutions

11:00 Closing Ceremony

Indigenous Amis Women's Singing

Address by Chairperson

Address by the First Lady Ms. Wu Su-Jen

Introduction to Next Forum Organizing Country and Organizers

Farewell Music / Goodbye

11:30 Press Conference

12:00 Lunch (with lunchbox in tour bus)Field Trip

1. Taipei City Excursion

2. National Palace Museum

3. San-hsia Alien Detention Center

4. Ying-ko Pottery Tour

5. Peitou Cultural Tour

6. Wulai Aboriginal Culture Village

7. Shung Ye Museum of Formosa Aborigines

19:00 Dinner

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