Invitation & Welcome

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is both a privilege and a pleasure to announce that the 4th East Asian Women's Forum will be held in Taiwan 4-7 September 2000 at the Chien Ta Overseas Activity Center, Taipei.

For the past several months the organizers in your host country, Taiwan, continued to work enthusiastically and energetically despite the devastation caused by the September 1999 earthquakes. Such turn of events made it an even greater challenge to prepare for the Forum, and I sincerely thank all members of the Steering Committee for their loyalty and commitment.

At the end of an era dominated by materialism and so-called progress we cannot but fail to see the decline in human values and negative effects on many of our societies. How easy it is to be discouraged and apathetic in a broken world. However, the dawning of a New Century brings with it new opportunities and new beginnings !! The fact that women care about the situation in the respective countries of East Asia, and desire to convene a fourth time is of itself a sign of hope. Our theme for this Forum New Century - New Women we believe, will serve to encourage each participant and enable us to think positively and act creatively.

Please note our provision for a Youth Forum. My personal hope is that each country will encourage an even greater participation of youth delegates. In addition, differently abled delegates are asked to alert the Steering Committee how we can better prepare for your individual practical needs.

With joy, anticipation and renewed hope we await your arrival. We look forward to your full and active participation in this important event. On behalf of the 4th East Asia Women's Forum Steering Committee accept our warm invitation and welcome to Taiwan in the year 2000.

Sincerely Yours

Ruth Kao


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