1st day(Sept. 5)

1. Women and Development

--Women and Globalization

--Unpaid Work

--Women and Information Technology

--Women and Poverty, single parent, elderly, differently abled

--Women and employment

--International Marriage

2.Women and Human Rights

--Women and Domestic Violence

--Trafficking of Women/Children

--Comfort Women

--Sexual Abuse/Sexual Harassment

--Migrant worker, Foreign Marriage

--Rights of Rural/Indigenous Women

--Pornography/Sex Industry


3. Women in Power and Decision Making

--Women and political participation

--Women and social participation

2nd day(Sept. 6)

1.Women and Education

--Women and Personal space

--Women's Sex/Gender Education

2.Women and Health

--AIDS and HIV

--Reproductive technology

--Medical Research and “bioscience-prospecting”

3.Women and Culture




--Heritage of Indigenous People

4. Women and the Environment

--Nuclear Power and Women

--Green Consumerism

--Ecological Protection

--Gene Engineer Biology

5. Youth Forum

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